Carpet construction can be judged by density, weight, and twist. Weight, measured by the square foot, is an indicator of density. Flooring Outlet by Carpet One in Jessup, Maryland, has a wide selection of high quality, durable brands from top manufacturers. We can help you find a brand that satisfies your needs and budget.

Loop Pile

Loops of fiber are sewn onto a backing to create carpet flooring. Fiber strands can be low or high, and the number of fibers placed on the backing can vary. Carpet with a low, dense pile is the most durable. Bend a carpet sample into a V shape, and you should see little of the backing on a high-quality brand. While this type of carpeting stands up well to daily wear, it is not as soft underfoot as cut pile carpet.

Cut Pile

Loops can be cut at the tips to create cut pile carpet. Not only is this type of carpeting softer than a loop pile, but it also has a more luxurious and refined look. Fiber strands are twisted or turned to increase durability. Turns per inch, or TPI, is noted on cut-pile brands. TPI ranges from 3.5 to 6.0. Cut and loop pile can be combined to create patterned carpeting. Choose one of the many linear patterns available to create the illusion of space in a room.

Cut pile styles

Saxony is the most common cut pile style. With its even and straight fibers, this plush carpeting is likely what comes to mind when you think of carpet flooring. While the Saxony style presents a formal look, the Frieze style has a casual, shaggy look. It's long, tightly twisted fibers scatter in multiple directions. The longest Frieze styles are considered shag carpeting. Saxony and Frieze are contrasting styles, and Textured falls in-between.

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