LVT floors have a long list of benefits that are sure to impress any homeowner. But why is this surfacing a favorite for contractors, installers or any DIYer? Without a doubt, it all comes down to how easy it is to install in any space. While some other flooring types often require years of expertise and training, both savvy DIYers and those with some carpentry skills can normally take on an LVT flooring installation with ease. In an average room, it often doesn’t require more than 90 minutes to install – now, that’s fast! It’s a quick project that doesn’t leave a mess, since you typically won’t need gluing or even sanding, giving you beautiful results in no time. Why else do people love working with this material? Read on for three more reasons why you’ll want to visit our LVT flooring store today!

1. Beautiful, impressive appearance

A true favorite style of many homeowners is indeed the wood-look appearance. In high-quality installations, you’ll have a hard time telling it's not genuine solid hardwood. Ultimately, this is because of luxury vinyl's modern, technologically advanced manufacturing process. Over the last few years, manufacturers can come a long way in terms of creating aesthetically pleasing lookalike designs. Choose from many different styles, from hand-scraped to smooth to fully textured. 

2. Durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting

"Flimsy" or "weak" are two words you'll never use to describe these floors! The exact opposite is true, as luxury vinyl is by far one of the more hard-wearing options on the market. Durable and hard-wearing, you're sure to keep your installation for years to come. Another plus? It's also super water, stain, and scratch-resistant!

3. Extremely cost-effective

Don’t be mislead into thinking luxury vinyl is an inferior installation because of its typically lower price tag. Again, because of its technologically advanced craftsmanship, and paired with modern materials, luxury vinyl is simply less costly to manufacture – that’s it! Opt for this installation if you need to keep costs lower while getting a stylish, long-lasting flooring.

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