Any flooring is a big investment. The wide array of choices is overwhelming...and exciting. Whether it’s carpet or wood, there is information you must have in order to prepare.

Before you even walk into the store…

Know your lifestyle.  Is your family large or small?  Do you entertain frequently?  Do you have pets? This information will help the flooring retailer guide you to the right carpet selection, including pile, style, fiber and more.

It’s also important to tell them the room in which it’s to be installed. Describe the room in detail: windows, exposures, heat and sun, foot traffic.

Every room has different priorities and challenges; for example, sound absorption will be the main concern in a nursery, while stepping out on something warm, soft and plush is probably the most important consideration for the bedroom.  People and pets constantly run up and down flights of stairs, so durability is a factor; so is safety; if it's too plush, the carpet won’t support the foot.

Measure the room

The professionals will do it to be sure the calculations of baseboards, moldings, and closets are accurate.

But you should as well; even if you aren’t 100% precise, you’ll have information if your numbers are drastically different from theirs.  Oftentimes, people will buy too much and it goes to waste.

Other things to consider:

  • Get a complete itemized quote from the flooring store in writing. Is it for carpet only, or does it include installation, padding, furniture move, disposal, etc.?  You don’t want to be shocked by some separate bills.
  • Speaking of padding, ask if it’s the best one for your carpet.  Sometimes padding can be too thick and harm a rug.  They are usually no thicker than 7/16-inch thick with a weight of six to eight pounds, says the Carpet & Rug Institute.
  • Durability.  Sometimes there’s a need for extra durability so a super-strong fiber like nylon might be warranted.  Maybe budget’s a consideration; while olefin isn’t the longest-lasting fiber, it does improve considerably when in the Berber style, so you might want to go with a Berber Loop.

For more information, come into the Flooring Outlet by Carpet One showroom in Jessup, MD and ask about our estimates.