When you have pets in the house, what you need is a floor that can handle potential scratches, stains, and messes. Although there isn’t a surfacing that's 100% scratchproof – well, aside from solid concrete, that's not exactly the most stylish option! – the next best choice is typically luxury vinyl tile. Cost-effective, durable, and easy to maintain, perhaps the best part about this remarkable flooring alternative is its surprisingly impressive underfoot comfort. No doubt, that’s probably why this type of installation, as well as the plank version, has greatly increased in popularity over the last decade.

However, there’s another excellent reason why a vinyl tile or plank installation has soared in popularity among homeowners. Design versatility is most certainly a factor of this flooring that makes it a sought-out option. That’s because be it in tile or plank form, you can find a wide range of styles for your home, from wood imitation to ceramic appearance. Imagine getting quality, affordable slats in faux hardwood, allowing you to remain within your allotted budget. Of course, this means you can achieve the look you want for your home for a fraction of the usual associated costs that come with solid slats.  

What features to look for in LVT

Aside from choosing the appearance you’d like to have for a room, opt for a thicker superficial layer to ensure your LVT flooring can easily withstand pet nails or urine mishaps. Structurally, vinyl floors are often manufactured with four layers:

  • the superficial protective layer
  • the design or image layer
  • the vinyl color layer
  • the backing layer

Ideally, the mil layer, also known as the top layer, should be between 20-40 mil thick. As mentioned before, the thicker the layers the better because this assures a higher degree of durability for your installation. However, although the percentage of thickness does provide a lot of reliability, so too does the material of the superficial coating. Normally, there are three levels of protection to choose from:

  • simple no-wax– that provides a basic protection
  • urethane – for better stain resistance and durability
  • aluminum oxide– for the highest degree of anti-scratch

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