The fact that carpet is one of the oldest materials in flooring should let you know how important it has been to many homeowners down through the years. It offers softness, comfort, warmth, and plenty of design options for unrivaled décor matching.

But there’s more to this amazing floor covering, and you’ll want to read along to find out more. Now, more than ever, it is a perfect time for adding this material to some of your most important spaces, especially if you have children. In addition to soft comfort, it even adds a touch of safety as well.

The carpet flooring you choose makes a difference

If you're ready to start looking into using carpet a little more seriously, you're going to find a wide variety of options. Be prepared to narrow down your options by knowing precisely what you’re looking for in a fiber. Some fibers are rated for heavy traffic, such as nylon and polyester. Others, like wool, should only be used in spaces where very little traffic happens. Knowing which is better for your purposes will help save time when sifting through products.

These floors have a wealth of benefits, including excellent heat retention, noise reduction, and unique benefits added at the point of manufacture. Stain resistance is one such benefit that keeps carpet cleaner and never soaks up spilled liquids or tracked-in messes. If you have children, pets, or lots of in-house traffic, be sure to ask about this product.

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