Yes, and there are some benefits regarding carpet flooring and pets. Dogs, and especially puppies who haven’t yet found their balance, won’t slip and slide because there’s excellent traction (“grip”). A soft surface also doesn’t gather scratches and scuff marks, so there’s no concern about damage from paws.

Carpeting is also a good noise insulator; in fact, some apartments include lease clauses that require it in units where there are pets. Most of all, your pet will be happy to have a warm, soft place to rest.

Carpet requirements for pets

If you have active pets or big dogs you might need something with extra durability. If so, look for strong fibers like nylon and Triexta. Some even go so far as to install commercial carpet in their homes. They now come in a wide range of colors with many repeating patterns which can be used effectively to add visual interest.

If you have a smaller animal, like a small dog or a cat, your priority might be stain resistance; polyester and olefin fibers are hydrophobic, meaning that they do not absorb and are resistant to stains. This is where you need to know the difference between stain and soil resistance. Stains mean a substance attaches to open dye sites in a fiber. Soiling is residue such as from cleaning products or oils on the foot. The residue becomes a magnet for dirt, which looks a stain.

Triexta has permanent stain resistance built into the fiber; in fact, it was tested in a rhinoceros cage for two weeks. At the end of those two weeks, any mess was easily hosed off and there wasn’t any damage. By the way, the rhino was 5400-pounds, the equivalent of 337 pug dogs.

Color matters when you have a pet

It’s not just a matter of general color, like brown or black, but of saturation; some shades, like red and orange, hide dirt effectively. You also need to consider the color of the pet; if yours is white, you may not want a dark carpet and vice versa.

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