LVT (luxury vinyl tile) is an amazingly realistic mimic of tile and stone. It’s also highly durable, waterproof, affordable, easy to clean and simple to install.

The installation is:

●Uncomplicated. With a few exceptions it can be placed over any subfloor and doesn’t require special tools and skills; you only need a measuring tape, marker, ruler or straight edge and cutters. If you’re gluing the vinyl, you’ll need the adhesive and a trowel.

The methods are either click-and-lock or glue-down. It’s a nice weekend project for DIYers who are so inclined.

There are some people (like the writer of this blog post) who aren’t inclined to do-it-yourself. Installers and flooring contractors are hired to do the job. Remember, you can’t use the kitchen or whatever room is being installed so unless you're confident that it can be done in a timely, efficient manner, you may want to hire someone.

●Subfloor friendly. With anything, there are always exceptions and special requirements. The rule here is for the subfloor to be dry, clean and smooth. Please don’t take shortcuts on this step, because an uneven subfloor will result in an uneven surface floor.

LVT can go over plywood IF the wood is smooth and structurally sound. It can go over ceramic tile IF the grout lines aren’t deep and crooked. What it cannot ever go over is particleboard or OSB.

NOTE: If you’re DIYing--and this cannot be emphasized strongly enough--do talk to your flooring retailer if you’re planning to install the LVT yourself. He or she can either advise you or guide you to someone who can.

●It doesn't need an underlayment. Many people, however, do use an underlayment, as it provides extra cushion, as well as a moisture barrier.

Walk into any LVT flooring store...

And you’ll be surprised at the wide assortment. That, and planks (LVP) fall under the category of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). It’s often cut into tile-sized pieces but is also available in sheets. The images are created from 3-D printing, so the colors are vibrant and the patterns vivid. Embossing is available to give LVT floors additional depth and dimension.

Highly durable and waterproof, LVT flooring has a top, clear, wear layer that protects from scratches, stains, and scuffs. For more information, come into the Flooring Outlet by Carpet One showroom in Jessup, MD. Ask about our estimates.