These areas are busy rooms, such as the living room, family room, stairs or hallway. With the assortment of colors, styles, and patterns that you see in any store, it will be easy to find carpeting that answers both aesthetic and functional needs.

You don’t need to use the same carpet throughout the entire house

As long as they coordinate well, it’s not necessary to have a complete match; in fact, it’s ill-advised, to have the same carpet floors in every room.

Each space has a different set of priorities and challenges; for example, you’d want something warm and plush for your feet to touch down first thing in the morning, but your choice for that room could be terrible for stairs.

People and pets run up and down stairs all day, so the priority is both durability and safety. Too plush and there’s no foundation for the foot, which leads to slipping and falling on the flooring.

It’s important to give the retailer as much information as possible so he or she can help you choose the right carpet for you.

Know pile

Low pile rugs have short, tightly woven fibers; examples are the Berber and any cut and loop. High pile surfaces have long, loose and sometimes twisty fibers, like the shag or frieze.

The Saxony is what many automatically think of when they think of carpet; it’s plush and somewhat velvety and it’s not as high as the frieze, but not as low as the Berber.

What’s best for busy areas?

Low pile surfaces are best because they’re easier to clean and are durable; in fact, that’s why you almost always see low piles in hotels or offices.

The Saxony

Saxony surfaces come in many fibers, from Triexta (where the permanent stain resistance is built right into the fiber) to nylon and polyester.

This soft surface is good for both the living area and bedroom. A traditional cut-pile, it comes in a Straight Saxony, where the fibers all go in the same direction to give a consistent color. It’s luxurious but does tend to show footprints.

There’s also Textured Saxony, where the fibers are twisted.

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