It seems like luxury vinyl flooring is ubiquitous; it shows up everywhere. It looks similar to a laminate but it is different as well. So what is it and what is the appeal?


When people think of luxury vinyl, they often think about plank flooring made to look like hardwood. These are beautiful floors, indeed. Yet, we should not forget its sister-floor which is designed to look like ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles. These tiles are just as durable and waterproof as the planks, but give you a whole different set of options when it comes to designing a living space.


So, what makes luxury vinyl flooring different from laminates? Both are made from layers of material that are constructed to maximize durability and both contain a strong wear-layer to prevent scuffing and scratching from normal wear and tear. The difference is that in luxury vinyl tile, the image is created out of the vinyl itself, which means that even if a scratch does occur, often the scratch blends in with the design and texture of the floor. Also, when a solid core is used in a line of luxury vinyl, it is typically made from a PVC material to ensure that the floor is waterproof from top to bottom.

The appeal

To begin with, vinyl tile makes for beautiful flooring. Any pattern or design that you can do with ordinary tile can be done with LVT. They can be installed as a floating floor, allowing you to install the flooring over just about any subfloor material or they can be installed as a glue-down for something more permanent. Plus, these floors are impervious to water — even to large amounts of water, making them an excellent option in high-moisture areas.

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